The Sleeping Children

In 2012, a Yazidi family fled to Sweden in the hope of a better life, far from persecution. After nearly six troubled years struggling to seek asylum without proper paperwork, their traumatised daughter “fell asleep” – and didn’t wake up again for another fivef years. For half a decade she has been in a coma-like state, a condition called resignation syndrome that afflicts thousands of other asylum-seeking children in Sweden.

Infectious Diseases in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Low vaccination coverage in the Democratic Republic of the Congo raises the risk of diseases spreading and adapting undetected.

Ukraine Exodus at Romanian Border

Ukrainian refugees arrive at the Romanian border a few days after Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

The Gambia's Truth and Reconciliation Process

After Yahya Jammeh brutalized his people with witch hunts, torture, forced disappearances and more for two decades, the reconciliation process is at a crossroads.

Ukrainian Refugees in Moldova

Moldova has received the most Ukrainians per capita in Europe, but international aid is stalling and social tensions are rising

Ukraine's Roma Refugees

Hundreds of Ukraine’s Roma people faced an uncertain future in Moldova’s capital Chisinau as many were not documented.

Ukraine's Foreign Student Refugees

Indians, Moroccans and Tunisian students in Ukraine fled Russia’s invasion and arrived in neighbouring Romania in search for safety.